Camp Chazak

Our Mission
“Adventure... It’s In Our Nature”


The mission of Camp Chazak is to provide a wholesome summer experience.


The programs offer an exciting, rigorous and enjoyable learning system, where boys build on their knowledge gained throughout the previous years and acquire an appreciation of deeper understanding of Torah, mitzvos and middos tovos. 


Safety, health and fun recreational experience, are our guides in choosing afternoon programs and trips. Teamwork, good sportsmanship ethics, self-confidence, and self-control are our focus to make sure each and every child becomes as successful as he can.


Our trips build character, teach to admire the beauty that Hashem had surrounded us with and develop a taste for a special thrill that cannot be achieved by simple means - the thrill of an accomplishment!

Camp Chazak

Camp Facilites are located at

123 Industrial East

Clifton, NJ 07012




  • I've never heard of Camp Chazak. Is it new? Who runs it?

We are glad you've discovered it now! Camp Chazak is entering its' fourth sucessfull year. It's run by Rabbi and Mrs. Zarkhin.

  • Who are the staff at Camp Chazak?
Our phenomenal Rebbeim and counselors are hand picked professionals who are great role models and have years of successful chinuch experience. 
  • Where is Camp Chazak located?
Camp Chazak is located at the Clifton Cheder, 123 Industrial East, Clifton. (Across from Lefty's)
  • What schools are the boys coming from?
We have boys from the Cheder, Yeshiva K'tana, Hillel and Breuers that come to Camp Chazak from Passaic, Clifton, Livingston, West Orange, Teaneck and Engelwood.
  • How big is each bunk?
Registration for each bunk will be closed when it reaches its capacity of 20 campers. 
  • What are the hours?
Mondays - Thursdays: 9:30 - 4:30, Fridays: 9:30 - 2:30. Early drop off at 8:30 am is available upon request.
  • Where do the boys go swimming?
The boys go swimming in a beautiful modern facility at the Lyndhurst Community Pool.
  • What if my son doesn't like swimming?
Our policy in swimming is to gently encourage each camper to progress beyond his level, but we never force him to do things that he doesn't feel comfortable yet.
  • My son doesn't like sports. Will he be bored?
Camp Chazak offers competitive sports for those who love playing and those who would like to learn and perfect their sports skills. There are designated counselors who are there to entertain and play with children who are not "into sports". All sports, even the most competitive are done with a focus on menchlachkeit and good middos
  • What other extra curriculum activities does Camp Chazak offer?
Camp Chazak offers art, choir, gym, chess, board games, woodworking, various Torah and mitzvos themes projects and much more.
  • What makes Camp Chazak to be the best choice for my son?
You can be confident that your son spends his day in a safe, wholesome environment, supervised by great role models. Each day is filled with serious and enjoyable learning. Your son will play healthy sports, learn and develop new skills. Boys are taught to respect themselves and people around them. The trips are designed to appreciate the beauty of Hashem's world.
  • "Camp Chazak has been wonderful for my son.  It has provided a very warm and nurturing environment.  My son was very motivated to learn and he made good friendships with other boys." - Parent
  • "Just wanted to say thanks again. My son is so far really enjoying camp and thrilled to have such wonderful Rebbe. He is really enjoying meeting new boys (and spending time with those he already knows) as well as loving the activities. I can just imagine the hard work and effort that is put into making this year's program- we really appreciate it!" - Parent
  • "Bina has been great in meeting my son's unique needs of not liking sports, and still provided him with fun and educational opportunities.  I was very happy with Camp Chazak and would definitely recommend it."​ - Parent
  • "My son really enjoyed the trips! Thanks for all your hard work arranging it and making alternate plans as well." - Parent
  • "We have been very happy with Camp Chazak. Bina Zarkhin does an Excellent job organizing a real learning program, serious swim instruction, fun trips, and an atmosphere of Fun & Learning throughout the day!" - Parent
  • " We would like to express our feelings of gratitude for the wonderful atmosphere at Camp Chazak. We were able to have the best environment for us to teach the campers and help them grow." - Rebbeim
  • "We had a great time last summer and would love to come back, unless Moshiach comes first." - Counselors