Camp Chazak


Rock Climbing

Camp Chazak offers fun and challenging trips that include rock climbing and other ropes courses. The boys strengthen their teamwork and just love the challenge!


We use a state of the art, clean, modern swimming facility. At Camp Chazak we are committed to safety and improvement of your son's swimming abilities during our program. 

Overnight &
Evening Activities

The ruach at Camp Chazak is felt in the air, whether it's during learning programs, playing sports, swimming, on the bus; and especially at our night activities. 

Hiking / Canoeing

At Camp Chazak our trips are focused on appreciating the beauty of Hashem's world. Age appropriate challenges develop stamina, produce stronger friendships and create an unparalleled amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Arts & Crafts

Weekly arts and crafts programs are designed to deepen boys' understanding of various mitzvos and inyanei d'yomah. Crafts are fun, educational and quite useful in the household.

Water Activities

Who doesn't love water and various water activities during the summer? Speed boating, canoeing, swimming in the pool and in the lakes, water fights, river crossing - all part of our wholesome and fun program.